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Sandy Chalkfest22 
Temporary Chalk Installation on Pavement 
Station & Melrose Sts with Bay Rd, Sandringham Village 

Selected images by Fiorella Bello included
4_Chalkfest22 Sponsor Promo Sheet_20220325.jpg
1_Jessica 11.jpg
3_SandyChalkfest22 2.jpg
5_Primary 3.jpg
SandyChalkfest 106.jpg
30a_The Great Gizmo 5.jpg
SandyChalkfest22 104.jpg
lautaro 7.jpg
Jazz Gitan 1.jpg
papo 2.jpg
SandyChalkfest22 107.jpg
6_Jenny 10.jpg
10_Sandy Primary & Stumbles the Clown 1.jpg
35_Jessica 8.jpg
49_papo 2.jpg
9_Village 1.jpg
58_Pedro 5.jpg
61_Great Gizmo 16.jpg
74_Shan 3.jpg
Ana 51.jpg
78_Sole 5.jpg
82_Sole 3.jpg
Jacob Hapeta 3.jpg
86_Soul Sories 1.jpg
67_Sandy Primary 5.jpg
SandyChalkfest22 119.jpg
SandyChalkfest22 120.jpg
SandyChalkfest22 121.jpg
SandyChalkfest22 123.jpg
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